Helping to children of political prisoners to go school 2021

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ACTION REPORT: Gathering children of political prisoners to school (2021)

In a totalitarian state, man is alone, helpless, and completely disconnected from his fellow human beings. What the inhabitants of prosperous countries receive almost for free, from childhood — all this you and I achieve through bitter and costly experience. But our history shows that this experience allows for the growth and development of national awareness, respect for the common man, and admiration for the spirit of those who have not stopped in their search for truth. 

For those who were incarcerated and unable to be with their families on September 1, there were hundreds of people who provided financial support with their donations to the school readiness collection.

100 children from 75 families received financial support amounting to 11,824 euro.
5000 Euros of this amount were donated by the initiative "Caraveliers of Belarus"
118 euro per child

That's how our children, since they were very young, felt the support of their people. They feel themselves as Belarusians. They have learned what solidarity means.

Thank you all together and everyone personally for your contribution. 
We thank the team “Punishers of Belarus” for their trust and support of children.
Every day we get closer to Victory! 


! The aid campaign was held in partnership with other initiatives to help political prisoners ( and others)


These children could walk to school on september 1 with a bouquet of autumn asters, proudly holding their father's hand but that's not going to happen. Some had a father and some had a mother who had been imprisoned for many months. They fought to free their country from powerlessness, violence, and lawlessness. So that their children could live in a prosperous country, happy and joyful, making free choices, reading the truthful press, not afraid to speak their minds. They are there now, for their children. And for those who have parents at home. After all, we have one country, common to all. And everyone contributes as much as they can.

Let's help the children of political prisoners get together for their “work” without bitterness. Let them feel that they are not alone. Let them feel the support of their people. And just experience the joy and excitement of putting beautiful colored felt-tip pens, notebooks, and books in their new school bag.

We are announcing a fundraiser to support the families of political prisoners who have children of kindergarten and school age to provide needed assistance by September. The fundraiser is held in partnership with other initiatives to help political prisoners ( and others).

Remember, there is no such thing as small help. Every ruble is a contribution to a great joy for little people.

Photo by Irina Arakhovskaya

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 6 369
The collection is over. Сollected: € 6 369