Quarterly results and thanks!

Thanks to you, we evacuated 21 people (8 families) from Belarus who were threatened with politically motivated imprisonment! You saved people from torture.

Thanks to you, we paid 156,000 euros for the basic and urgent needs of people affected by repression (mainly relocation assistance and medical care)! You have created a safety cushion for people.

Thanks to you, 26 freed Belarusians received fixed payments totaling 7,800 euros! You supported people financially!

Thanks to you, 21 political prisoners received payment for what they needed, a total of 10,600 euros! You supported very vulnerable people financially!

Thanks to you, we closed the mini-granting program of 11 civil initiatives with a total amount of 40280 euros! You supported the resistance activities against injustice that are still going on in Belarus. 

Thanks to you, we accepted and processed 156 requests for advice on safe departures and the current danger in Belarus, 51 people left Belarus with a clear plan and guidance as a result. You helped inform people at their most important moment.

Thanks to you, we received and processed 1,200 requests from Belarusians on the BYSOL hotline! You resolved doubts and strengthened the position of these people who were confused and didn't know what to do.

Thanks to you we have bought and handed over: an evacuation reanimobile, 10 radios, 35 sets of uniforms for medics, 16 anti-thermal camouflage cloaks to the Belarusians fighting against Russia in Ukraine. You supported the future victory of Ukraine over the aggressor.

Thanks to you we collected more than 4,800 euros for the funeral of political prisoner Nikolay Klimovich, who died in the colony! You have made this world a little bit fairer.

Thanks to you, together with our partners we will pay the amount needed to replace the joint of former political prisoner Roman Gonzalez! You helped the man to keep his health.

We thank you! We continue our work and ask you to support us.

General fundraising

BYSOL supports released political prisoners and their families, people forced to leave the country, Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine, and initiatives that help Belarusians fight lawlessness in the country.