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I have a long list of illnesses that not only prevent me from functioning fully, but also make me feel very anxious.

After multiple head injuries (and more) and being incarcerated, my conditions have progressed and now I need the services of a neurologist, psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, surgeon and others. Of the things that concern me the most is the need for surgery on my eye, which I cannot see at all. I also need to purchase pain medication through a fee consultation because I suffer from severe headaches. Not to mention dental problems, which is not the first thing I discuss.

Here's the list of conditions I've identified so far:

  • Trigeminal nerve lesion, tension-type headache;
  • Lumbago with sciatica (acute pain in the lumbar region);
  • Cervicalgia (pain in the cervical spine);
  • Eye cataract, myopia (inability to focus the eye on distant objects);
  • Mental disorder without further clarification;
  • Other unspecified seizures — possibility of post-traumatic epilepsy.

How much is needed?


After consulting with the doctors, I was able to calculate the cost of the medical services that would be required in the near future. The cost of the eye surgery is €885, including the cost of the lens and the surgery itself. Also insurance and consultations of neurologist, ophthalmologist and psychiatrist from €25 to €35 each, EEG — €45, MRI — €65. About €285 is needed to get some front teeth put in.

I also need funds to pay three months' rent, which is about €1150 to €1400.

Thus, the final amount of money I would like to raise by applying for help is $3000 or €2777.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 777
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 777