Helping a young family where the husband had to flee the country

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I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus from the city of Pinsk. I had to flee from Belarus because of the situation in the country because of persecution, lack of law, justice, threat to my life and violent actions, which were applied to me by the officers of the GUBOPIK.

I tried to fight for freedom of Belarus on my own. I tried to be careful, but on July 3rd, in Minsk people in civilian clothes surrounded me and detained me. None of them introduced themselves, told me to unblock my phone, I refused, then they put masks on me and threw me into a car and took me to the Central District Police Department of Minsk. 

After I was brought in, the people who had detained me left. Others came, in masks. They took me to the fourth floor and beat me there for several hours. They broke my hand and then they unlocked my phone with my own hand and this way they obtained the data for the telegram channels and chats I was a member of, including the correspondence with the Nexta editorial board, where I was sending information. 

My phone contained a lot of photos with the white-red-white flag of Belarus. The humiliation went on for three hours. They made me speak on camera the information they wanted against my will. After filming, the officers took away my keys to the apartment and left. Then another officer came, dressed in uniform, he drew up a protocol of administrative offence for resisting police. I was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. 

After I served my arrest in the detention center on Okrestina street, I learned that I had been searched at home and at work, and that my labor contract at work was not being renewed with me. I tried to complain against the illegal actions of the employer to terminate the labor contract, but it did not lead to anything.

I was not given the protocol in my hands and I was also forbidden to take a picture of it! On August 4, 2021 I left the country, because I understood that they would not leave me alone, that sooner or later they would come for me, with the purpose to detain me, but I suppose it would be within the scope of a criminal case.

How much is needed?

3105€ — Rent for 4-5 months: €850; Food while I stay: €350; Personal belongings: €200; Mobile phone: €50; Saving money for my pregnant wife (clothes, medicine, medical tests, etc.): €1500.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 122
The collection is over. Сollected: € 122