Helping a young activist who experienced the 2020 wave of repression

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In 2020, I was 16 years old. According to the law, I was under the voting age for the election of the future president, but I saw reality and truth very clearly, despite my age. I already knew very well that I had to fight for my country and my rights. So in August 2020, I took an active part in peaceful marches. Until that moment I had no idea how united our people were! In October 2020 I was given an administrative violation for participating in the march, but because I was underage I got off with a warning. I thought that would be the end of it…

On January 19, 2022 two men came to my apartment without showing their IDs and took me to GUBOP without explaining anything. They took me in a civilian car. In the car they took my phone and started threatening me. Upon arrival, they searched my belongings without witnesses, which violated the law, namely Article 204 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Then I was interrogated without the presence of a lawyer. They forced me to sign the papers and threatened me if I refused. Then they took me to the TDF in Okrestino. In Okrestino they treated people who were detained for political reasons like animals, worse than murderers. No one cared that we just wanted the truth and justice!

I was to be charged within three days after my detention, but I was charged five days later, which violated the law, namely Article 243 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. I was kept in Okrestino for 10 days, after which I was taken to pre-trial detention center №1. At the time of my stay in the pre-trial detention center, they found one episode for 30.08.2020, and later found another one for 10.08.2020.

On 22.04.2022 I was on trial. Before the trial I was in pre-trial detention center #1. The prosecutor asked for two years of “chemo” with a referral, but the judge gave two years of “home chemo”.

I worked as a bartender in a cafe. After my trial I was told I had to quit. And they could do it in such a way that there would be no problems for me later, that is — to dismiss by agreement of the parties. In April I was fired. After my release I cannot get a job because of my criminal record. Now I need help to buy equipment necessary for studies and future work, as the previous one was confiscated. Also, my mother spent huge sums to pay for a lawyer and for food while I was in detention center #1, and now these expenses have caused difficulties in paying for my apartment. I will be grateful to anyone who can support my mom and me during this difficult time. 

How much is needed?

2200€ — buying a laptop to study and later on to work; buying a phone, as my phone was confiscated; payment for the first time of an apartment for my mother, as she spent a huge amount on a lawyer and on food while I was in the detention center.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 207
The collection is over. Сollected: € 207