Helping a former teacher in a new country

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My name is Vasily Pleshkunov. I worked as a labor teacher at Gymnasium No. 3 in Mogilev. In 2020 I went out on the streets together with other Belarusians. I always returned home by different ways, looking carefully at the yards. However, on September 7 I got a phone call from the police department and was strongly advised to come for a talk with them. I refused. So they came to the school and took me away right from the class. Then they gave me 10 days in jail and fired me from my job.

In 2023 the GUBOPIK came to me. I was severely beaten and taken for interrogation. They showed me some screenshots on my computer and accused me of broadcasting the news from CUKU to the chat room. When I answered that I was visually impaired and couldn't see anything, the investigator started yelling something like “are you visually impaired? You don't have that written anywhere!”

Then he called my youngest daughter and told her that I had been picked up drunk at the train station for allegedly shouting slogans, throwing myself at the police, saying that we were going to hang them all. That's why they were going to take away my parental rights and send my daughter to an orphanage.

When I came out of the TDF, about a week later I got a call from a hidden number and was told to get ready to go to jail for a long time. I got seriously worried and decided to go to Poland.

Now I'm looking for a place to live and trying to get settled somehow in the new country. I'm also hypertensive, and I need medication.

How much is needed?

I need money for housing, medicine and food.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 914
The collection is over. Сollected: € 914