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We are the team of “Volnyja” initiative.

Our mission is to care for, support, and assist recently released political prisoners. We offer help at all stages of resocialization, from the first steps of freedom to achieving full independence and confidence.

In 10 months of operation, we have helped over 100 released individuals, and 15 people have successfully completed our program. These are modest results so far, but we are growing and rejoice in every case where we have been able to help someone.

Why is this important?
Today, more and more Belarusians are being released. Nearly 2,000 political prisoners have already left the prison walls, and they need support to return to normal life. Our team helps them learn about available opportunities, develop and implement action plans to recover as quickly as possible after imprisonment.

What do we do?

  • Consultations and support: We help with documents, medical, and psychological issues.
  • Mentorship: Experienced mentors help released individuals adapt to their new lives.
  • Social integration: We organize meetings and events that promote social adaptation and recovery.

To continue our work and help more people, we need your support. Your contribution will help us provide even more released political prisoners with all the necessary care.

Help us restore hope to those who need it most.
Sincerely, The “Volnyja” Team.

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How much is needed?


- team support
- mentor motivation
- payment for project management infrastructure
- professional fees

€ 471 in 2 500