Financial Aid to Vladimir

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I am the manager of a small enterprise located in Brest. It all started in September 2020, when my employees and I started going to rallies. Some of them were immediately taken to the detention center, some were later identified by video cameras, and on October 26, we went on strike and did not work. After that they started to check us from different instances: KGB with “recommendations” to dismiss the employees, the sanitary inspection closed us for a week, the OBEP with the tax authorities. As a result of the first pressure we received a fine of 300 basic units. 

In June of this year we sentenced an employee to 1,6 years in prison for participation in September protests. And the same inspection came to us again, with the same claims. As a result they found minor tax inspection violations, the case was taken to court, which lasted less than 20 minutes — as a result I, as a director, received 80 basic wages and the company received 400 basic wages. This is not the end of the inspection, they are trying to “hang” unpaid taxes.
I am not ready to give up and give up my business, in which I put an enormous amount of effort and time, I am not ready to fire my employees, who have become my friends over the years, just because they expressed their opinion on the events. 

All other possibilities to cover the fines I have already exhausted, so I ask for help from concerned people, so that I do not have to close my business.

How much is needed?

5068 euros — financial aid.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 93
The collection is over. Сollected: € 93