Help for the victim of Lukashenko's regime

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On August 9 I and my comrades went out to express disagreement and dissatisfaction with the preliminary results of the presidential election in Belarus, with the voting process and all the mayhem that was going on during the whole election campaign! When we came out to a peaceful protest on August 9, security forces in full gear and full of aggression immediately started shooting peaceful people and throwing flash-bang grenades at them. One of the grenades exploded right next to my leg and shrapnel ripped my pants and cut my leg very badly! Then we were shot with rubber bullets! We retreated and for 4-5 hours tried to stand up to the armed bandits in shoulder straps! I almost fainted from the loss of blood. When I got really sick and couldn't walk, they put me in the first car I saw and asked to take me to a hospital for treatment. But after a couple of kilometers we were stopped by the riot police, who pulled us out and started beating us! I managed to break free and run into the courtyards. There I knocked on the door and they helped me, stopped the blood and put bandages on. I decided that I had to get to the hospital anyway, as the pain was unbearable. I thanked the people and went out into the yard. There were howling sirens and shouting all around, I walked another couple of blocks and they chased me again. I ran away and hid in the basement of a house. I stayed there for six hours and when it was already dawn, only then was I able to get out and get home and call a doctor I knew at home. Soon the police came to my parents' apartment, where I did not live. They conducted a search and a little later they came to work, but I was no longer there, I had to quit. By that time my friends were already in pre-trial detention. I packed my things and left for Ukraine. I stayed there for 90 days before the quarantine and I was under it, now I need to get legalized. The only way to do this is to apply to the immigration service as a refugee. Until I get my permit, I cannot get a job. Because of the lockdown and COVID situation, I am not able to find a part-time job!

How much money do I need?

2500 USD — 1200 USD for 3 months apartment
                   $500 food for 3 months 
                   300 USD medical care 
                   200$ clothing 
                   300$ credit in Belarus

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 594
The collection is over. Сollected: € 594