Helping the Ukrainian family of a Belarusian political prisoner

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I am a Belarusian political prisoner, father of two small children. I am currently serving time. I was tried twice for the same “crime”.

The first time I was given a fine of 80 basic units for attending a rally. And after a while I was severely detained by the GUBOPiK, and the investigative committee opened a criminal case on the same episode. My bank account was blocked, all phones and 2 laptops were confiscated, and I was deprived of my liberty.
I did not admit my guilt, which I absolutely do not regret.

During my stay in the “chemistry” I spent 20 days in the ShIZO for violations that were deliberately and unfairly attributed to me.

My wife is a citizen of Ukraine, a native of Kyiv. We have two minor children. We lived in Belarus. Almost immediately after I was imprisoned, she went to her home, because her residence permit was no longer extended.
Despite the difficult and dangerous situation in Ukraine, she did not leave her country and move to a safe Europe.

During all this time, I almost did not turn to anyone for help. But given that, like many other convicts, I was presented with a civil solidarity claim from the state for an “unbearable” amount, and also that my account was blocked and all property was described and is under arrest (to secure the same civil claim), I I ask you for help.

I perfectly understand that after my release I will be forced to leave Belarus to my family, because I am responsible for their life and health. Living in Belarus or Russia is not considered by me until these regimes fall. I really need to help my family hold out until we are reunited. We give up because I was the only breadwinner in the family. I will be able to document every penny we spend.

I would be extremely grateful to any person who does not remain indifferent to my situation and extends a helping hand to my family. As soon as possible, I will certainly donate to such fees.

How much is needed?

€6500 Help for family with food and accommodation in Ukraine. Clothing and toys for children. Medicine. Paying part of the claim to avoid confiscation of seized property. Part of the money after I get out will go to my family.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 849
The collection is over. Сollected: € 849