Treatment and rehabilitation of a political refugee

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Anastasia Strelkova, a member of the expanded Coordinating Council, volunteered and assisted victims during peaceful demonstrations, brought food, water, hygiene products, clothing, helped relatives and loved ones, carried out and drove victims from the “Okrestina” detention center in her vehicle, which was later confiscated. Donated all of her personal savings, collected for her own apartment, to the victims. She came under fire from stun grenades, received multiple threats from security forces for helping the victims and volunteering in “Find it!” and “Let's shoot it”. She repeatedly gave interviews to the TV channel “Belsat” and Ekaterina Andreeva, including in front of the building of the State Security Committee, for which she also received repeated threats. 

A criminal case was opened and she was put on the wanted list. The last funds were deducted from the account for the search, the accounts were blocked. She went to Latvia in October 2020. After her visa expired, she applied for asylum in Latvia, but under the Dublin Agreement she was extradited to Poland, where she is now. She received a decision about international protection status the other day, the documents will be received soon. Because of everything she has seen and experienced, she suffers from depressive-anxiety disorder. 

In July 2021 she suffered a severe open head injury due to an accident, due to lack of documentation and insurance, medical care was not provided to the extent necessary, the wound was stitched up and no MRI or any other tests were done. Needed an MRI because of current headaches, vision, and vestibular problems. In October she was hospitalized with appendicitis and inflammation of internal organs. 

At the moment, more than two months after the operation, the results of the tests showed that she has severe allergies, acute inflammatory process, kidney and liver problems, sugar spikes, and is in a very bad condition and cannot eat normally due to gastro-intestinal inflammation and severe pain. 

Examination and treatment is necessary.

How much do we need?

5300 € — head MRI with contrast, abdominal MRI, ultrasound: abdominal cavity, kidneys, renal arteries, liver, lab tests, medicines, unexpected costs for treatment, rent for temporary disability.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 296
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 296