Helping the family of a repressed Belarusan to relocate to Poland

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My name is Andrei [name changed for security reasons, BYSOL Foundation has all identification documents].

In April 2023, I was detained for participating in rallies. First I was placed in a pre-trial detention center for 2 months, and then I was convicted under article 342 of the Criminal Code (Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order or active participation in them) and assigned two and a half years of home chemistry (a type of punishment when a convicted person remains at liberty, but with restrictions).

I was left without a job. It was difficult to find a new job with my sentence because employers were afraid of attention from the police. But later the prosecutor's office considered my sentence too lenient and filed a protest. I was given another trial, after which I would probably be sent to a colony.

I did not wait for the second trial, and my family and I decided to leave for Poland. 
The BYSOL team took me first, and my family will join us later.

But already now I need to solve everyday life issues, because we are in a difficult financial situation:
We need to pay off the debt for the services of the lawyer who defended my interests in court;
We need to organize our life in the new country.

Thank you!

How much is needed?


Lawyer's fees — €450
Household items — €180
Bedding for three people — €150.
Hygiene products — €70
Warm clothes for 3 people — €400
Food for the first time — €250
One month's rent and utilities + deposit — €1500

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 032
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 032