Help for the Tikhonovich family, who were deprived of their livelihood after their conviction

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My name is Michael Tikhonovich. In 2020, I commented on an article on Onliner about the so-called president's statements about our national flag. In the commentary I expressed my opinion and civic position, for which I received two years of “home chemistry” in 2021.  

After the verdict, they didn't have time to fire me, because according to the ruling of the Penal Inspection, I was obliged to have a job. However, the regime made a different decision: they limited me to working exactly one job. I work in medicine, I will not name the institution, in order to avoid problems, but one rate in this area is the means to buy basic necessities. Previously, I supported my family with part-time jobs, but after the trial, I was required to be fired from all my part-time jobs, limiting my mode of travel to being at home during the rest of my time after work. 

In 2009 my daughter was born, and in 2010 we were diagnosed with hip dysplasia, as a result of improper treatment we went on disability with a diagnosis of avascular necrosis of the femoral neck. Treatment was long and expensive, despite the help of the state. Our spouse did not have the necessary funds, so we got into loans. 

In 2018 we had our disability removed, but the loans remained. We paid them off, even though we didn't always have enough money. We had to take out more loans. I always worked two jobs and over time we started to even out our payments little by little, but once we got a deadline, it all collapsed. Today, my salary and my wife's salary are barely enough to pay off the loans (12 grand), and you have to eat, feed the baby and continue to rehabilitate your daughter. That's why in this difficult time for me I am asking for help from concerned Belarusians! 

We will be incredibly grateful to everyone who will support us in overcoming this difficult situation, which the regime has put us in.

How much is needed?

2000 € — family support for food, daughter's rehabilitation, and debt repayment.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 186
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 186