Financial assistance to an activist who left Belarus while she is waiting for a work permit

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Good afternoon, dear Belarusians!
My name is Tatyana. 

I lived in Belarus with Lukashenko's regime for a long time and understood what was happening in the country. Therefore, I have never voted for the regime. As a mother of many children I faced non-compliance with the laws in Belarus. And in 2019, with the beginning of the pandemic, the attitude of the authorities to their citizens finally became clear to me.

For many years I worked as a seamstress. So after the beginning of the pandemic I started sewing masks and helping volunteers. And when they were collecting signatures for presidential candidates in 2020, I left my signature for almost all alternative candidates. I participated in protests. After Roman Bondarenko was killed, I couldn't ignore it and went on a picket in my neighborhood.

In February 2022 the war started, and I was shocked to see missiles and troops coming from the territory of Belarus. I was angry and upset by the reaction of many of my acquaintances, who were fooled by propaganda. I couldn't read the news from Bucha because of tears, but I couldn't take my eyes off the pictures of tortured people and children! Trying somehow to live and survive this tragedy, I looked for someone to discuss it with. But I met a lot of indifference, and I just wanted to scream from pain and horror. Waffle bars from Vityba with the letter Z, T-shirts on sale with the same symbolism — it was unbearable to see it. 

In 2022 I was detained and later sentenced for anti-war inscriptions that I left on the wall of the house in a visible place (Article 341 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus — desecration of constructions and property damage) to two years of “home chemistry”.

Home chemistry is a type of punishment when the convicted person remains at liberty, but with restrictions. The convict has a schedule for both work and personal activities, including going to the store or throwing out the trash. The police can come every day and at any time to check on them — BYSOL note

On November 8 in the evening I came home later than allowed, because the police officer called me. They counted it as a violation and decided to send me to Okrestina for 15 days. 

I had a Schengen visa, and I immediately left for Vilnius. I am a seamstress by profession, so I managed to get an official job here in “Baltik Threads”. But after some time I decided to apply for refugee status here, because I cannot return to Belarus. And according to the law, I cannot work officially for six months while my case is being considered by the Lithuanian authorities.

I ask for your support while I am forced to sit without work.

How much is needed?


€2400 — rent (€400 per month for 6 months)
€600 — for food for 6 months.

€ 662 in 3 000