Medical help for Tatiana's doctor and support for her family

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Tatyana's life went her own way: she graduated from a medical university, worked as a head of a department in one of the regional cities of the Republic of Belarus. Her husband is a factory worker. There is a small child. 

After the elections of 2020 the active position of the family, of course, did not allow to live as it was before. Her husband, as an activist of the strike committee, was persecuted by the GUBOPIC. Tatiana began to be pressured by the hospital administration for her regular participation in the rallies of medical workers, her refusal to sign letters for the cancellation of sanctions, and her unwillingness to conduct ideological work with the staff of her own department.

The most “interesting” thing began in November 2021. Her husband is detained by the KGB and threatened with harm to the family in order to force him to give false testimony, as a result of which he urgently leaves the country. Tatiana continues to work, but the situation with her husband increases the pressure at work and the interest of the security services. 

Fearing for her and her child's safety and health, the doctor is forced to leave the country following her husband. Already in Poland, including after the stress she underwent, Tatiana's health problems worsened: her right arm and, to a lesser extent, both legs became weak. In the course of investigations, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It is a disease that affects the nervous system with many and varied symptoms; a disease that requires expensive treatment and long rehabilitation. Her husband works 12 hours a day to provide for the family's needs, but she doesn't have enough money for everything. A small child needs a full family: a mother who is able to take care of him and a father who spends all his time at work. 

Tatiana is a doctor. All her conscious life she has helped patients, but unfortunately now she needs our help. We need money for medical treatment, rehabilitation and for the family's immediate needs.

How much is needed?

2270 € — brain MRI, control MRI of the cervical spine, ENMG, private appointments, rehabilitation and treatment.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 422
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 422