Help for Konstantin Shulga, a former political prisoner in need of dental treatment

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My name is Konstantin Shulga. On December 15, 2021, I was searched and detained. I was charged with disorderly conduct and participation in unauthorized rallies (article 342 part 1).

Initially I was placed in a punishment cell in Okrestina Street, where I spent ten days. Then I was transferred to the detention center on Volodarskogo street, where I was kept for three months until the trial. At the trial I was given a sentence — three years of “chemistry” on referral. Of course they didn't give me back all my confiscated things, including my phone and hard drive.

Without waiting for detention to begin, I decided to leave the country. At the moment I'm in Poland, and I'm getting acquainted with the new country and getting settled in. Even before I was detained I had serious health problems and I needed dental and surgical treatment. All my savings went into medicine. After the period of detention, I continue to need surgery, but I do not have the means to do so. 

I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me for the first time after my release.

How much is needed?

1500€ — rent; dental treatment; surgery to remove a wisdom tooth.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 920
The collection is over. Сollected: € 920