Helping a political prisoner who was forced to flee Belarus in connection with the “roundhouse case”

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Speaking out against violence and election fraud, I participated in all protests, street actions and yard initiatives in my hometown of Brest. Together with other activists, we organized a square and a concert of the band “Give the Road”. Subsequently, I turned out to be one of the defendants in the “roundhouse case.

In June 2021, I found out that I was put on the wanted list after being picked up right from my workplace. I was further charged under Article 342(1). In September of that year I was fired from my job. In November, I was sentenced to 2 years of "chemo" and sent to a correctional facility. My documents and phone were confiscated.

Choosing freedom, I escaped from Belarus in January 2022. When I arrived in another country, one of my acquaintances told me that they were going to bring a case against me for bodily injury to an officer. I still do not know whether the case moved forward or not. While I am waiting for my official status, I cannot find a job for the next six months. I need money to rent a place to live and to support myself.

How much is needed?

1430€ — first and last month's rent, utilities, food and clothing, communications.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 138
The collection is over. Сollected: € 138