Reunification assistance for the child of a released political prisoner

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I am a former political prisoner. I went through a political discharge in 2020. Despite the fact that I am raising a child alone. In 2021, I was detained by GUBOPIK. The detention was painful, scary and humiliating. I don't want to remember it.

After a year in a detention center the court sentenced me to 2 years in prison.

During two years of unbearable physical servitude for a woman I lost my health. For two years I was in a state of stress due to constant pain and humiliation. For two years I was deprived of the possibility to be near my son.

While I was serving my sentence, my child was taken into custody by my mother and I was obliged to reimburse the costs of his upkeep (that is 398.76 per month). Mom could not reimburse these costs for me because I have a minor brother, I sit and she could not not help me, moreover, the debts for a lawyer had to pay (one visit 200r., court 250r., and there were 8 courts).

My salary in the colony was 7-10 rubles and, unfortunately, I was not able to cover all expenses. But I cherished the dream that upon release I would see my child. And so, the long-awaited hour of reunion came, but the joy of the meeting was overshadowed by the immediate arrival at the police station, where they immediately explained to me: “you're not like that, you're an unusual released convict. Once every 2 days I see an inspector in the police department, a couple of times a day people in uniform come to my house, to take my child I need to pay the debt on child support, which was formed while I was in custody. All of my finances are seized and all of my equipment is confiscated.

I'm ashamed and embarrassed to ask for help but I can't do it without the support of concerned people.

How much do I need?

1,500 € — Reimbursement of the child's living expenses, so that he can be with me again.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 507
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 507