Emergency Relocation Assistance for an Activist facing a criminal case

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I was recently detained after I was attacked by unknown assailants outside a store where I was shopping for groceries. The officers who arrived asked to see my passport and saw the emblem “Pagonia” on the cover. They detained me and seized my phone, in which they later found photos from the protests, documents from the polling station, as well as other documents and photos stored on the cloud. I was admitted to the hospital at night with a fracture. Also, I did not have my insulin with me, which made me feel much worse. The protocol and inventory of my belongings were not provided, despite my request. 

Having been discharged from the hospital at my insistence, a few days later I went to the ROVD to retrieve my belongings. Instead I was arrested again, but for 72 hours. They kept me in the ROVD for 32 hours without food or insulin, which could have ended in a coma, but nobody paid any attention to this. I was charged under Article 24.23 and Article 19.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences. The reports were falsified. The trial had been postponed twice since the end of January: first with the help of a lawyer, and now it's scheduled for February.

I know that they're already preparing a criminal case, allegedly for giving false testimony about the circumstances of my fracture, even though the authorities have video footage from the store near which it happened. I only have a few days to leave. I am asking for a little help from like-minded people, because I do not have enough money even for travel and medicine (insulin), which must be taken with me.

How much is needed?

300€ — tickets to the RF, lodging for a few days in the RF, the road to Kiev, food, insulin, a phone with no personal SIM card and communication.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 300
The collection is over. Сollected: € 300