Aid to a refugee family from Belarus

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After the August 2020 election, the first time I came out in a white flower solidarity chain was August 13 in my neighborhood. Then I went out to Sunday marches, in parallel with that I put out flyers, glued bcb stickers, went to neighborhood meetings and concerts where we all signed cards for political prisoners together. I was among those who went on district marches.  Then, joining with like-minded people, I joined a chat room where they collected signatures for the recall of a deputy: I went to the meetings, signed the appeals to the deputies, signed the statements to the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor's office and other agencies.

Towards the end of November I got neurotic. I started having panic attacks when I saw the beads, but I continued to be active in the opposition TG channels.
On July 9, 2021, when I was on my way to work, two policemen came up to me and showed me their IDs and a warrant to search my apartment. During the search they found: flyers, stickers, paint cans, stencil, etc. Everything was confiscated and my phone and computer were also seized. They took me for interrogation. I turned out to be a witness in a criminal case. After the interrogation they let me go home on my own recognizance.

On July 14th my son and I made the hard decision to leave Belarus. We packed in an hour and did not take things with us. On our way to safety we had a serious traffic accident. Despite the fact that we were wearing seat belts, I suffered compression fractures of 5 vertebrae and a severe bruise of the spine. To date, I have had to be on bed rest for 3-4 weeks. As all the movements cause pain and discomfort, I can not bend over to wash and shower. I also have to take a significant amount of medication for 2-3 weeks. After that, I will have a rehabilitation period which will last several months and during which I will have strict limitations on physical activity.

My son had two heart surgeries in Minsk, so the heavy part-time work immediately falls away. Working remotely is not an option, as we are not IT people. 

Unfortunately, this imposes restrictions on the possibility of rapid employment in another country. We have been helped with medical expenses, but we need funds to get through the period of medical restrictions until I can get a job.

How much is needed?


1) Rent for 4-5 months: 830€;
2) Food for four to five months: 420 €;
3) Stuff (outerwear, underwear, stationery, dishes, personal hygiene): 240€;
4) Mobile service charges for 4-5 months: € 55;
5) Repeated medical examination after the accident. MTR, doctor's consultations, medicines: ~235€;
6) Registration of insurance, purchase of tickets to Poland: 220€.

1) For the first stay in Poland.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 4 241
The collection is over. Сollected: € 4 241