Financial aid to dismissed pediatrician Yulia Rafalovich

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Before my dismissal I worked as a district pediatrician at the “Children's Hospital” branch of the Kobrin Central Regional Hospital. On March 24, 2021, she was detained by Kobrin ROVD officers in a city park while decorating with ribbons for the Day of Will. On March 26th , she was sentenced to seven days of administrative arrest under article 24.23 p.3. On April 16, she was dismissed from her job without a valid excuse for being absent from work while in a TDF. On the 24th of May I received a petition for reinstatement at work in the court of Kobrin district.
Now I am left without a livelihood and I ask for your help.

How much is needed?

1870€ — This amount is within my average 3 month's earnings so that I can get a job in my profession or retrain during this period.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 890
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 890