Help for Vladimir Pristavkin, who left Belarus because of pressure

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Between 9.08.2020 and 11.08.2020 I actively participated in rallies in the city of Minsk. I was detained at a rally in Vitebsk on 26.08.2020. I was released on August 31, 2020. All this time I spent in Kastrychnitski District Police Department of Vitebsk, where I was subjected to very strong pressure.  

Before I was released from the pre-trial detention facility, a report was drawn up on me, under which I was allegedly under Article 17.5. In September 2020, it was decided to leave the country, as it became known that they were going to initiate a new criminal case against me for the events in August 2020 in Minsk.

Because of the threats of reprisals against me coming from the employees of the GUBOPIC, I was forced to leave the Republic of Belarus on September 1, 2020. There was no time to pack at all: I took only the basic necessities with me. At the moment my family and I need help to start life from scratch in a new country, where I will have to rent an apartment, without the possibility of returning home in the coming years. According to new information, a criminal case has been opened against me under the article on terrorism.

How much is needed?

2100€ — rent for six months.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 80
The collection is over. Сollected: € 80