Helping a political prisoner lT specialist and his elderly parents

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Mochalov Stanislav is a man who cannot keep silent when he meets with lies and injustice. A man who could not stay silent when the country was on the brink of an abyss. He is one of thousands of real Belarusians: a peaceful and active, caring son, brave and sincere man, a high-class IT specialist, constantly improving his professional skills, a responsible and positive friend. For this reason, he was convicted under several articles of the Criminal Code — 342 part 1 and 364. Sentence: 3 years in the general regime penal colony.

As a New Year “gift”, Stanislav was sentenced to pay material compensation in the amount of 1,200 rubles. Stanislav was detained on May 28, 2021, and has been kept in pre-trial detention facility for eight months already. Stanislav was recognized as a political prisoner. He wasn't indifferent when on August 9, 2020, votes were stolen from Belarusians all over the country during electoral fraud in the presidential elections. He expressed his civil position in a peaceful way. Showed solidarity and support to those already detained under the “people's” articles, collected and sent parcels, wrote letters. Was arraigned under the administrative articles 23.34, 24.3, and 19.11 in fall and spring. In total he served more than 30 days in the TDF, when the charges were trumped up and he never pleaded guilty.

In May 2021, right after Stanislav made a humanitarian visa because he feared for his freedom, he was captured and sent to the TDF, where he was charged and transferred to the SIZO. At the trial, Stanislav did not plead guilty. While in custody, he studied the criminal and procedural code, and became so successful that he now advises his unwilling neighbors. In addition, he is very active and doesn't lose heart — he plays sports on walks and learns to draw. Now his drawings, which he sends in letters, are not allowed through by the censors, because they see them as destructive caricatures. 

Stanislav works in the IT sphere. In order not to lose his qualifications, he managed to write out several books on programming for self-education. All this despite the fact that after serving his last sentence in the harsh conditions of the TDF in April 2021 he had a hypertensive crisis. His blood pressure began to increase on a daily basis and now he has to be constantly monitored and take the necessary pills. At the moment his condition worsened, dizziness became more frequent. 

In spite of everything Stanislav sends greetings to all his acquaintances and strangers in his letters, and he believes in a bright future in New Belarus! 

Stanislav's property is now pledged, and we are trying to raise the amount to pay the claim, otherwise it will be impossible to get it back. The parents of the pensioners with chronic diseases do not have and do not expect to have such a sum. There are still fees to be collected in the EC and further support in difficult circumstances. We appeal for help to not indifferent citizens, please, render feasible assistance! Our own forces we can not cope.

How much is needed?

2700€ — fees for escorting to the penal colony after the appeal of the sentence; help for parents of pensioners with chronic illnesses to further collect parcels; help for Stanislav during his time in the colony.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 569
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 569