Helping a political prisoner pay a fine and leave the country

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The man was detained for participating in protests in August 2020 and was recently prosecuted under Section 342 of the Criminal Code, organizing group activities that grossly violate public order. 

Subsequently, without waiting for the decision of the investigative authorities, he was fired from his job, at which he had a good reputation, contrary to the opinion of his colleagues. The trial followed, where he was charged with attempted murder, which he allegedly succeeded in suppressing through the actions of the authorities. 

The part of the trial, the invisible witnesses and victims, the absence of the possibility to the court's verdict sentenced him to imprisonment and his family was left without a breadwinner. 

Repeatedly searches were conducted in the home of the prisoner, equipment was seized and confiscated, and property was seized. His and his family's health deteriorated markedly over the period of serving his sentence, requiring considerable expense for treatment and rehabilitation. Because of the large fine, a ban was imposed on leaving the country. Businesses refuse to hire him because of the article and the presence of a criminal record. Only after paying the fine, he can safely leave for another country, where his loved ones are already waiting for him.

How much is needed?

1030€ — expenses to pay the fine and financial support for the family; to buy clothes and food.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 154
The collection is over. Сollected: € 154