Help for the 14 families of the “Pinsk case”

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The defendants in the “Pinsk case” were ordinary guys, of different ages (from 19 to 44) and of different professions. A tragedy of this scale in a regional town was brought about only by the desire to know the results of the election. 
In the evening of August 9 at polling stations they refused to announce the results on the grounds that all information had been transferred to the City Executive Committee. As a result, all the people gathered near the city executive committee and waited for several hours for the announcement of the results. 
But instead of the announcement of the election results armed security officers arrived and began to encircle the peaceful people.
Then the command “push back” followed, shots in the air and soon the massacre of people began!  All of the detainees that night endured the torments of hell in the Pinsk temporary detention facility.
During the investigation there were 109 injured policemen, who now demand compensation for moral damages, because in their words they, verbatim: “After those events they lost their appetite, sleep and peace. For a long time they had fear and because of this fear they could not go to work in their favorite uniforms.”
As a result, huge sentences of 5.5 to 6.5 years of enhanced security and crazy lawsuits. Among them there is a mother of many children — Elena Movshuk. However, the court did not take into account that she and several others have minor children as dependents.
All of them were recognized as political prisoners even before the trial.
S.F. Lezhenko — worked at Pinskdrev, has a minor son — 6 years of a strengthened regime; 
2. 2. Movshuk E.V. — Mother with many children and two minor daughters — 6 years minimum security; 
Movshuk S.A. — father of an underage daughter Karina, married to Yelena Movshuk — 6.5 years minimum security; 
4. Rogashchuk V.N. — cab driver, father of three children — 6 years of the strengthened regime; 
5. Gunko G.V. — G.V. Gunko — 6 years of the strengthened regime; 
6. Shelemet V.V. — 6. Shelemet V. 6 years minimum security; 
7. R.A. Bagnovets — monolithic worker, dependent 10-year-old son — 6 years of medium security
 7. Bagnovets, R.A. — monolith — dependent son, 10 years: 6 years minimum security;
8. O.V. Rubets — graduated from a lyceum, was a tractor driver — 6 years minimum security
9. A.S. Tereshko — 6.5 years of minimum security; 
10. A.N. Khalimonchik — sales assistant — 6 years minimum security;
11. Bognat D.I. — graduated from the lyceum, was on probation — 6 years minimum security; 
Mikhailov S.A. — long-distance truck driver — 6 years minimum security; 
13. D.Z. Mostitsky. — his son was one year old when his father was already in prison — 6 years of enhanced security; 
14. Solovey I.Y.. — 14. Solovey I.Y., activist of movement “For Freedom”, worked as a driver — 6 years of the strengthened regime.
Not only votes were stolen from our relatives last year, but also their health, families and years of life!
But the current authorities rewarded them with exorbitant lawsuits, which their families simply cannot cope with by themselves. That is why we are asking for help in collecting lawsuits for our guys.

How much is needed?

65190 € — material aid for all 14 families.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 3 351
The collection is over. Сollected: € 3 351