Helping a student pay off college debt

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My name is Egor.

Until recently I studied at the Novopolotsk Polytechnic College. But when the war started, I spoke straight, as it were, what I thought about it. Also, I did not hide my position on the violence in Belarus.

The curators and police had “educational” conversations with me because of my position, but since I was taking care of my sick mother — she had cancer [BYSOL Foundation has all the supporting documents] — everything went only with threats.

In January 2023, my mom died, and a month later I started making a visa to Poland. I dropped out of college because it was hard for me to keep quiet and pretend that nothing was happening. However, later I received a notice that I have to pay 6512 white rubles within 6 months. — the amount spent on my education. If I don't do this, the college will go to court and eventually my family's property may be seized. I don't want my family to suffer because of my civil position.

Please help me pay off this “fine” for my inability to keep quiet.

How much is needed?

€1900 Payment of debt.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 678
The collection is over. Сollected: € 678