Helping a retiree pay off a lawsuit

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Good afternoon!

My dad is a senior citizen. In 2020, he left some comments under the news about the protests, in which he condemned the brutality of the security forces. He forgot about these texts, but last year his words caught the eye of some comrade major, and my father was taken to Okrestina.

First he was sentenced to 14 days, and then, when leaving the temporary detention center, they detained him again and opened a criminal case under Article 369 (Article 369 of the Criminal Code — insulting a representative of the authorities). There was a trial. My father was found guilty and sentenced to 3 months of arrest and a huge fine (payment of moral compensation).

We thought it would end there, but then Dad was tried again. And again under Article 369 for the same comments. He spent another 3 months in the pre-trial detention center, and now he is on “home chemistry” (a type of punishment when a convicted person remains at liberty, but with restrictions — BYSOL note).

While Dad was in prison, he was fired from his job. Now he lives on a pension of 750 rubles. From this money he has to pay fines, moral compensations and pay a lawyer. A total of 5200 euros. We have already paid part of the money, but if we don't manage to pay the rest of the money in time — €3500 — the fine will increase even more.

We ask for your help to raise the necessary funds so that our family is not left in debt and without means of livelihood.

How much is needed?


On the first trial:
Payment of moral compensation to the “victims” — 5000 rubles (€1445)
Payment of lawyers' fees — 3000 rubles (€865)

On the second court:
Payment of moral compensation to the “victims” — 8000 rubles (€2310)
Payment of lawyers' fees — 2000 rubles (€580)

We have already paid 6000 rubles on our own, we need to collect the remaining 12000 rubles (€3500).

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 691
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 691