Help for the family of Ivan Pateychuk, who is in an educational colony

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I happen to be a single mom of three sons. The eldest son, Ivan, born on January 20, 2004, was sentenced to 3 years in an educational colony on August 10, 2020 in the center of the city. Ivan was taken into custody in the courtroom on the day of his sentence, 12.07.2021. On the same day, my mother survived a massive heart attack, but went down in history as a survivor. These two people, mother and son, were my trusted helpers and supports in life. And now today, they need me themselves. 

On July 26, 2021, I went to see my son for the first time. It was one of the happiest days of my life, seeing my son. After the date, I went to my parents and told them how good he was, how he was hanging in there, how optimistic he was and told me everything was going to be okay. After my arrival and the story, on the morning of 07/29/2021, my dad dies. Then I felt how quickly I was beginning to lose my loved ones: my son was taken away, my mom gave up physically, my dad “went away” altogether. I was going crazy. Only thanks to my small children (my son is 8 years old and my son is 1 year old), moms like me who are united by one misfortune, and many people who are not indifferent to my situation, I live, hang in there, and even gain faith in my heart.  My mom is better now. I am her rock now. Vanya was transferred to VK2 in Bobruisk. I had two long visits with him, where I could hug him and understand how happy I was.  My son in VK behaves very decently, he is a former professional hockey player, so he does hockey there too, is enrolled in soccer and table tennis sections, goes to various lectures and works in an interesting job, in warmth and good brigade… Only these moments in the colony save him from oppression and heavy walls. It's the only way he can get distracted and time passes faster for him. He really wants and believes it will all be over soon.

We live on child support, I don't get alimony. I can only collect the money for my son with the help of people, as it is very expensive. I always put part of the children's allowance on Vanya's account. In addition, we have a loan for an apartment, but my mother helps with the pension.
I sincerely, bowing to the ground, on behalf of myself and my children, I thank for the responsiveness of all those who can help me, with whose help I can come to Vanya to meet him not empty-handed. On May 30th date signed for me and my middle son, and I am not ready. I am grateful to everyone who will help my children both morally and financially. Without you, I couldn't do much on my own. 


I hope everything will change, and I too dream to help people. In the meantime, I only help two orphanages with things that are already too small for my children. And I will honestly accept any help, and I won't refuse anything.

How much is needed?

1030€ — funds for money transfers to VK2 for my son, to go on a long visit, to repay the debt, to buy and collect the transfer of up to 50kg; notary fees and power of attorney from my son.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 030
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 030