A strike participant at Belarusneft needs help to hire a lawyer

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Good day!

My name is Kravchenko Sergei. I am one of the active participants of the strike committee at the enterprise “Belarusneft”.

In 2015, after graduating from polytechnic college, I got a job as a rescue firefighter in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus. But after 3 years — in 2018 — due to disagreement with the management, I quit and became a simple electrician at the enterprise “Belorusneft-Promservice”.

After the elections in August 2020, when on the 9th, 10th and 11th of the day law enforcers created absolute lawlessness, I could not stay away. My wife and I decided to go to marches and participate in all possible activities — to stand in solidarity chains, to distribute leaflets, to tell our relatives and colleagues about what was happening in the country.

After Lukashenka's illegal “inauguration” I recorded a video message to my colleagues in which I urged them not to be afraid of repressions, to be in solidarity, to actively express their position and participate in strikes. The video resonated at the enterprise, and my superiors summoned me to a meeting to organize something like a “friendly trial” in the best Soviet traditions. However, my colleagues warned me that my detention was actually being prepared under the guise of a “meeting” and that I would not get away with «24 hours» — I was facing a criminal case for calling for a strike.

After that, representatives of the Country for Life Foundation contacted me, confirmed the information about the upcoming detention, and suggested that I evacuate to Lithuania. My wife and I weighed everything, packed up our children and belongings and left for the unknown.

At the new place I was busy learning about the problems at my enterprise, connecting people with each other, telling the truth about what was happening, and preparing the ground for a nationwide strike. It was hard, because at the same time I had to organize my life and provide for myself and my family. But I think it turned out well, because many of the guys from the enterprise, including thanks to my help, joined the strike.

Within three years of forced emigration, my wife and children were granted refugee status. I did not apply for refugee status, because there is a rule here — a person who is waiting for refugee status cannot work. And I could not afford it — I had to provide for my family.

In 2023 in June, as usual, I applied for a residence permit for family reunification. However, after the required waiting period, I did not receive a response to my application. To close the issue, I went to the migration office, where I was told to apply for refugee status without alternative. On the same day, I was detained for 48 hours and informed that I was a threat to Lithuania's national security. After that, I was taken to a refugee camp, where a trial was held, after which I was released home to await a decision on my asylum application. After another half a year I received a refusal — the fact is that from 2015 to 2018 I worked as a firefighter rescuer.

I have been out of work for over 7 months now and have to ask for help to hire a lawyer and challenge the decision.

How much is needed?


this is the amount requested by the lawyer who will help with the appeal and handle the case.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 3 030
The collection is over. Сollected: € 3 030