Helping an activist who is on the brink of survival

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I used to live in Uruchcha. On 11.08.2020, after the collision, I decided not to go home and went to work. I stayed there for the night and my instincts didn't let me down. In the morning I called my neighbor and found out that three enforcers had broken into my house. That day was my last in Belarus. Now I live (or, more correctly, survive) in Georgia. I work in the service center for repair and maintenance of computer equipment. The cheapest place to live costs $200, and I earn about the same. I am actually starving. There is a pressing issue of eviction due to debt. There are almost no jobs in Georgia. 

I wish I had known about this before I left. I haven't applied anywhere for almost three years. I saved all the money I could and saved from various people and survived almost three years. Needing help to pay off my housing debt.

I will account for every penny. Every word I say is willing to confirm. I will be grateful for any help. 

How much is needed?

1030 € — Housing debt.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 043
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 043