Helping Olga Ritus, a former political prisoner in forced exile

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I am Olga Ritus, a political prisoner in forced exile, with two children ages 12 and 18. My older son, just like me, cannot return to the country, which makes him clinically depressed and in need of long-term rehabilitation. My youngest son has neurodermatitis, which started after my arrest and is still in its active phase. 

I was detained for posting videos on FB, Tik-tok, which I filmed reflecting the real situation in RB. I was an independent observer in the August 2020 elections and expressed my position against the dictatorship and war in Ukraine. My detention was accompanied by beatings and physical violence, as well as — intimidation of me with a long term of imprisonment in my case and in the case of my son. 

I was imprisoned in Okrestina and then in Volodarskogo for over 3 months. I was sentenced to 3 years of home “chemo” and was registered as a person prone to extremist activity. My property was arrested, and my youngest child was expelled from the gymnasium. 

Having fled the country, I was left without means of subsistence and the possibility to earn them in the status of waiting for the MH. I was forced to live in Białystok, in a shared house, with people traumatized by war and repression. I have no possibility to rent a place to live and to live independently. I will be very grateful for everyone's solidarity.

How much is needed?

3100€ — rent; university tuition; necessary clothing for children.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 399
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 399