Support for the treatment and rehabilitation of the Belarusian artist Natalli Bord

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Good afternoon!

My name is Natallia Bord, I am an artist. My works are dedicated to the aspiration for a free Belarus. There is also the theme of Russia's war against Ukraine.

After August 2020, I was twice imprisoned in “sutkas” and was also a witness in a criminal case for “insulting a representative of the authorities”. Two of my sons were also subjected to repression — they also went through «24 hours».

In 2021, after the search, I left the country. Now I live in Poland in a small town near Krakow. I do creative work. In 2023, two of my exhibitions took place. I also participated in joint actions and performances with the diaspora. Next year my paintings will be shown in Krakow and in Warsaw.

Not so long ago I broke my arm. The bones do not heal well, so I have to take medication. Besides, I am worried about other health problems caused by age.

I need help for treatment and rehabilitation so that my maintenance will not be a burden on my children and so that I can continue to do creative work about free Belarus.

How much is needed?


350€ — payment for physiotherapy 
150€ — arm rehabilitation after a fracture.
1000€ — dentistry/prosthetics

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 500
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 500