Help for the family of repressed human rights activists

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Alina Nagornaya and Igor Sluchak are engaged in the protection of the Belarusian language in Belarus. Thanks to their activities, the Belarusian language is still present on goods, signs, documents and websites.

After 2020 the family came to the attention of law enforcers and social services and had to leave their home. They realized that if they were detained, the children could end up in an orphanage. Human rights activists hid in Belarus and continued their activities — they wrote many appeals for the Belarusian language, published books, conducted research, and organized non-public events.

This situation lasted more than two years. Alina and Igor often moved from place to place and worked underground. They could not use their SIM cards, bank cards and car. They were denied normal access to medical services, could not visit public places and had limited contact with family and friends.

Such a life is very exhausting. Also, several things happened recently that precipitated the family's departure. First, their social media accounts were deemed “extremist.” In addition, it was time for the child to be immunized. But since it can be done only in a public polyclinic, the couple had to risk again and hope that this time they would not be detained. Also, because of the daily stress, their health began to deteriorate, and the family decided to leave Belarus.

Now they need help to rent a place to live, buy things for their children and solve their accumulated health problems.

How much is needed?


Funds are needed for health issues, to buy baby items and to rent a place to live for the first time.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 6 432
The collection is over. Сollected: € 6 432