Medical care for the mother of a Belarussian volunteer in Ukraine

  • История

In 2016, I went to fight in the Donbass.

On March 17, 2022, in Kiev, my 75-year-old mother sustained injuries incompatible with life, namely a ruptured uterus and a ruptured bladder with one of her ureters ruptured. By the will of the gods, she was saved by the doctors at the 18th Clinical Hospital in Kiev through surgical intervention.

We were fighting for mom's health with our own means till April 24, 2022. We thank the doctors of the 18th clinical hospital in Kiev for that. Mom has two catheters: one from her urethra and one from her abdomen. She is bedridden, she has to urinate and empty herself into a diaper. Now she is on her third round of antibiotics. Her temperature is constantly changing, from 38.8 to 37.7. And so every day. Constant pains, problems with her kidney, which has suffered from rupture of ureter. A lot of accompanying chronic diseases, based on the above. We are fighting every day for my mom's life, and we would be grateful to everyone who is in a position to support us now.

How much is needed?

7,500€ — for the surgery, medications, examinations, transportation to the hospital, food and other expenses related to the treatment.

€ 6 220 in 7 500