3 years of chemo to mother of two daughters for commentary

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It so happened that last year I, like 97% of the population of our country, decided that the time had come and we could and should change our lives fundamentally. I took all the necessary steps to get to the election commission in my precinct. But I (like almost everyone else who wanted to) was only able to get accreditation for the “independent” observation that my colleagues and I were doing outside the polling station! I was a daily witness of impudent falsifications and of course after the announcement of the “verdict” to all the Belarusians on August 9 I could not just go home! I will never forget that evening, which turned into night. However, as well as many, many other events which had their start on August 9. 
My life would never be the same again…

Then there were the chains of solidarity, the women's marches, the Sunday marches, the various creative flash mobs...I didn't miss a single Sunday march! NOT ONE! But for me (as well as for my two daughters) the December yard march was my last. We were detained by the riot police. 8 hours in some garage at the police station, a detention report from the wrong place at the wrong time. Then 3 days of Okrestina, a pseudo-trial with a pseudo-witness on Skype (none of us admitted guilt, but no one cared), convicted under Article 23.34 and 15 days in jail in another city. 

Then, on May 21 of this year, we were searched at home and detained for three days in Okrestina again. There were seven people in a five-person cell without beds, blankets, or pillows. I “slept” on a bench 30 cm wide. The light did not turn off, they raised me several times at night). Until October I was in the status of a suspect for insulting riot police officers in a comment under a post in a telegraph channel. 

Then I was charged, tried and sentenced: 3 years of “home chemistry” and payment of 6,000 rubles (in total) in moral damages. 

BUT FOR EVERY SINGLE SEEING OF THIS TIME, starting from the summer of 2020, no matter how wild, horrible and frightening it is, I DON'T LOSE OPTIMISM AND LEAVE TO BELIEVE IN WINNING! PAHNE CHABOR!

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The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 470