Help for the mother and three daughters who had to go through the repression as a family

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On 22.02.2022 they came to our house with a search. It was written in the ruling that Barysovich Yana and Tanya (sisters) were suspected of participation in mass riots and in participation in “Zubr” organization. 

Yana was an independent observer in the 2020 elections. Our whole family was actively involved in the protests. During the search they took away our computers and phones.  My mom, Anna, was arrested for 15 days for allegedly “resisting police”. Yana and Tanya spent 10 days in Okrestino, then 90 days in the detention center in Volodarskogo. At that time mother and Nastya were also prosecuted under Article 342.1, but they managed to leave Belarus. The court decided to give Yana 2.5 and Tanya 3 years of imprisonment in a correctional facility. The girls are recognized as political prisoners.

The mother was fired from her job. She was a teacher. The sisters were expelled from universities and colleges. Yana was studying to be a biologist, Nastya was an architect, and Tanya was a musician (she plays the violin).

We are now safely in another country. However, for the first time, until we get a job, we need funds to rent an apartment for a few months, buy two laptops to be able to work and study. Also, we need funds to finish our orthodontic treatment. We would be thankful to everyone who is able to help us in this situation. 

How much is needed?

2000€ — rent an apartment for 3 months; purchase 2 laptops for work and study; orthodontic treatment.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 121
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 121