Help for activist Alexei Mokhnach in need of treatment for Crohn's disease

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My name is Alexey Mokhnach and since 2012 I have been suffering from poorly curable autoimmune Crohn's disease. This disease affects all parts of the intestine, as well as the liver (ducts and arteries), pancreas, skin, blood, accompanied by irritable bowel, lack of appetite, weakness, depression and apathy. I have struggled with symptoms and lesions from colon to small intestine, rectum, stomach, esophagus and mouth; manifesting ulcers and bleeding; scarring, nerve endings pain around intestine and liver; blockage of bile ducts of liver and gallbladder; pancreatitis of pancreas. At this point, I need medications, counseling, and screenings to keep me alive in order to prevent the onset of cancer in my colon and nearby organs. 

Since 2018, I have received immunosuppressive therapy with medications (infliximab flames) at government expense. Until 2018 I was on hormone medications (methylprednisolone and salofolk), which negatively affected my body, and after a severe attack with pain, bloody stools and fever — I was hospitalized once again. There have been many hospitalizations since 2012, as well as medical consiliums. At the Concilium in early 2018, I was prescribed biological therapy with infliximab flames (400 mg with saline intravenously). And so I was treated with up to 8 injections a year with drugs manufactured in South Korea, Turkey, and in 2020 — already in Belarus, the effect of which was weak. 

In October 2021 I was detained and placed first for 15 days in the TTIP Okrestino.  Then I was placed for 4 days in the temporary detention isolation ward in Okrestina on the politically motivated criminal charge of the rally on September 6, 2020, in Minsk. After that, I was placed in the investigative prison in Zhodino for 30 days, and then — 2.5 months in the pre-trial detention facility in Minsk, 2 Volodarskogo Street. I was released on February 16, 2022, and immediately went to the hospital, where they confirmed the deterioration of my health and suggested that I should receive a disability group. In order to appeal against the decision of the court to sentence me to 3 years of restriction of freedom with a referral, on April 21 I was to receive disability, but I did not get it before the trial, but only on April 28, after the court decision. In order not to change the sentence to home chemistry, I received a certificate of disability group 2 on April 28 (non-working group), of which I have the documents with me. After that, I filed a supervisory appeal, under which my sentence was changed to home chemo.

Since July 13, 2022, I was in Vilnius, where I still live, supporting my health with pills, from which I have a negative effect. My health effects are only supportive, so I need help, which I can no longer receive due to my relocation to Lithuania and I do not have a residence permit yet, but only a D-visa for humanitarian reasons. I will have to wait a long time for the decision, which I will apply for on October 25th, which means that I will not get any help from the state here. I do not have the ability or resources to pay for the treatment I desperately need. Probably every two months I will need to receive counseling and treatment at Santoriskes hospital, as well as — intestinal (colonoscopy) and stomach (gastroscopy) examinations, abdominal ultrasound and those prescribed by the local hospital. 

Please help me in the treatment of this disease. Medications are expensive, one injection cost about 2400 Belarusian rubles, in prices of 2021 in Minsk, in the 10th hospital of the Republican Center. 

My relatives are worried about me, but can not do anything, I do not have such a sum, because it's not affordable for me, I do not know the rates in Lithuania, and I had a fee for a consultation, locally. Some of the supportive medications I receive by parcel, but I would be very grateful to anyone who supports me in full treatment of the disease.

How much is needed?

2000€ — examinations; medications; consultations with doctors.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 515
The collection is over. Сollected: € 515