Aid to the Melnik family

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We are really asking all concerned people to help our family, we have a little daughter. We were persecuted, fleeing from Belarus. Completely without things. The child is now in school, and to collect the daughter no means. Also, we are asking for help, because we can't stand on our own feet. We can't afford to pay for housing, and we are in debt.

We are very sorry to hear about this. 

I also need an urgent medical examination because I have been beaten on my head and back by riot police, and my fingers are broken. I need an exam and treatment. My husband is in the same situation. My daughter needs as much rehabilitation as possible after what she has gone through. We stopped sleeping here. It is scary, but the child only falls asleep in the morning. My husband has a hell of a pain all over his jaw because of his many knocked out teeth, and we need urgent help for our whole family.

How much is needed?

3,605€ — About 1,500€ will be needed to help my husband with his dental reconstruction. Help in preparing for school, clothes, food, housing for about 1000 euros and my examination. If there is leftover and for my treatment 500 euros.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 452
The collection is over. Сollected: € 452