Helping the Belarusian medical instructor “Knot” purchase equipment

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I am “Knot” — a Belarusan volunteer from the Grec_Company_Grup special unit of the foreign legion.

Until 2020, I lived in Belarus, had my own furniture making business and was developing the business. But when the peaceful protests started, I took part in them and fell under the danger of criminal prosecution. Therefore, in early 2021, I left for England, where I was going to build a life from scratch. However, the full-scale war that started changed my plans and in 2022 I went to Poland to the mobilization center. From there I went to Ukraine to fight in the Kalinovsky Regiment.

On October 4, 2022 I was seriously wounded on the Zaporozhye direction. The treatment was long and took almost 5 months. During this time I took several refresher courses, as well as courses in tactical medicine. After that I became a saninstructor in the training center of the Kalinovsky Regiment. And after another year I transferred to a special unit of the Foreign Legion.

I need your help to find an appropriate person who will help me to complete the tasks of a sanitary inspector, and also in case of what my life will take.

Zhyve Belarus! Glory to Ukraine!

How much is needed?


€700 — active headphones
€330 — summer combat boots
€500 — combat pants
€60 — kneepad inserts
€60 — elbow pads
€600 — tactical backpack
€440 — ballistic goggles
€60 — Ferro Concepts pouch
€250 — combat belt

€ 883 in 3 000