Aid to the Marshal family in connection with the arrest

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I am one of those who could not sit at home and calmly watch the events from last summer. We have marched many kilometers, we were hardened by water cannons and gas, on my eyes there were many horrible situations, which I still remember with fear. 

I always supported and helped people who were in similar situations, but at the moment it was me. I never give up on my goals and ideas and I persist and will go all the way, even despite my age. And this is the moment… 

They came for me, too: 05.08.2021 at 7:00 am, without explaining the reason for my detention, they took me from home and brought me to the police department of the Partisan district, and soon placed me in a cell for 5 hours. All the documents had been prepared in advance for 4 people: as a result, for all four of them there was one false witness, one “injured party” and one general Article 24.3 (disobedience to a legal order or demand of an official in the exercise of his power) and I — a woman who “beat” a riot policeman.

In the end, after 5 hours in a cell, without explaining anything, they took me to court. The judge of the Partyzanski district, Makarevich, taking into account my family situation, namely: my minor daughter and disabled husband (who has only a disability pension) “softened” my sentence and thus we have a fine of 95 basic units (2750 Belarusian rubles), almost the maximum under this article. 

At the moment there is a question with my employer about my dismissal. Taking into account the fact that I alone bring financial income to the family, I do not have the possibility to pay the fine within the prescribed period (1 month). I very much ask to support me and show solidarity in this situation. I would be very grateful and appreciative of those who respond. 

Vera! Mozham! Peramozha!

How much is needed?

1091€ — Payment of a fine in the amount of 95 basic units. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 60
The collection is over. Сollected: € 60