Financial aid to the Lipen family

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My brother, Lipen Alexei, was convicted for comments in the TG channel under Article 369 and Article 364. He was sentenced to 5 years of “chemistry” with referral to an open-type institution. During the trial, there were claims for compensation for moral damages allegedly caused by my brother. The total amount was 6,022 Belarusian rubles. We repaid part of it (522 rubles + 1 claim in the amount of 1,000 rubles). There was 4,500 rubles for the repayment of the 5 suits. Then they would seize the equipment and other property seized during the searches. Unfortunately, the officials didn't care that they were arresting the property which belongs not to my brother, but to our mom. 

How much is needed?

1,500 euro — financial support for the family.

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The collection is over. Сollected: € 0