Help for activist who was forced to leave the country in “two hours”

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I am a so-called “criminal,” a “felon” who was forced to flee his country to avoid staying in prison for a long time and fearing every day for his life, which is worth nothing to the “authorities.” 

Before the events of August 2020, I had my own business. I provided assistance to people with disabilities, organized their rehabilitation, socialization, and recovery. But the pandemic, the lack of interest from the “state” and the political situation forced me to stop this business, although I had invested a great deal in it. 

When the “revolution” began, I could not remain indifferent. Lies, cruelty and hatred could not be tolerated. The machine of repression affected me too. The first time (October 2020) I received an administrative arrest. Harsh detention at a very long distance from an “unauthorized event” (broken nose, chipped tooth, cracked rib, split lip, concussion, multiple bruises). Lack of medical attention. Trial by Skype. Constant threats. Results: Article 23.34 and 23.4, 15 days of arrest. I even wrote a humorous feuilleton about it, when I believed it would soon be over, to give moral support to all those who were watching the situation in the country in terror. 

The second time they came after me was already under the criminal article, which is now called “people's article”: 342. Beating and bullying during arrest. Threats and swearing. Four months in custody, while the “investigation” was going on and they were looking for other participants in the “unfortunate” photograph. The trial was a farce. 

The result: 3 years of restricted freedom in an open-type correctional facility (so-called “chemistry with a referral”). 

Now I, with a small bag of necessities and the very minimum of money, am in another country. There was no time to pack. It was dangerous to be in my home country. The “authorities” would do everything to ensure that I and those like me exist in fear and under strict supervision, under total control. And if something happens to life or health, even better for them.

However, life goes on and hope lives in my heart. I would be grateful for any help in getting through a difficult period.

How much is needed?

1450€ — buying the necessities, renting a place to live, buying medicine, a financial reserve for food and personal hygiene.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 455
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 455