Aid to Vladislav Laplo, a repressed student

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My name is Vladislav Laplo, I am a former student of the Belarusian State University of Physical Education, as well as a repressed activist.

On August 9, 2020, after the polling stations were closed, I came to look at the election results, which, according to the Belarusian authorities, is already a reason for persecution. In August 2020, while in Mogilev, I took active civic activities, participating in peaceful marches and solidarity chains.

In September 2020 I went to Minsk to study and already there, until October 2020, I took part in Sunday marches. In addition, I took part in university strikes. I wrote an appeal to the rector to publicly support the demands of the popular ultimatum. Also, during this period of time I went to Mogilev and helped the “Mogilev Renaissance” chat room. In November 2020, together with students, we started attending yard marches. I was a member of the “Solidarity BSUFK” chat room. Many students were expelled, but I was lucky. 

From 24.02.2022 we at the university were forced to vote early for the Referendum and threatened to evict us from the dormitory, but I ignored this and went to vote 27.02.2022 the day of the referendum. I put 2 crosses to make the ballot invalid. After that I went to a rally in honor of Ukraine, the gathering was at 17:00 near the General Staff of the Republic of Belarus. The special services detained me there, and then took me to a paddy wagon. When the car was “loaded” with people, they took us to the Soviet police station. They processed us there and took us to the TDF in Okrestino. During the first night there were 20 of us in the cell, then the next day they took us to court, where they gave me 14 days. Then they put us back in our cells, but there were already 80 of us. The next day they took us to correctional colony #8 in Zhodino. There were 34 of us in the cell, and we slept in piles to keep warm, since we were not given mattresses or bedding. We were beaten during the first week of our detention so that the bruises would go away, but I still had them.
We were never taken outside during the 14 days. They took us in the shower once. There were two cells for us (67 people) and they also pepper-sprayed the shower room.

After the end of my arrest, on 15.03.2022, I was immediately summoned by the Dean of Faculty Guslistova Irina Iosifovna. She made it clear that some measures had to be taken against me. The next day, on 16.03.2022 I was summoned to the commission on passes specifically for the days that I was under arrest. I was given 1 reprimand for the first week of 28.02.2022 to 04.03.2022 and told that the commission was without me. The second reprimand was from 07.03.2022 to 11.03.2022. When asked why the commission was without me, they could not answer.

On 18.03.2022 I am called to the dean's office and there I am given the documents that I am expelled from the university. In the recording you can clearly hear how at the beginning they say that “this article is serious”, and expelled by the result of the passes.

After the expulsion, my phone received a lot of calls. I found out from my friends that the KGB was looking for me. I had to leave the country immediately. At the moment I am in Poland. During the first month I rented a place to live with the money I took with me and at the same time I looked for a job. I was cheated in the job I found and had to leave, which put me in a position of not having enough money for lodging and food. I would be grateful to anyone who would support me during this time in my life.

How much is needed?

1550 € — rent for two months in Poland; purchase of food.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 225
The collection is over. Сollected: € 225