Financial assistance to D.V. Kulakov's family

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On December 18, 2020 the court of the Shumilino district rendered the verdict against the social activist Dmitry Kulakov (my husband) — a resident of Shumilino, father of two young children. 

He was charged under Articles 364 and 369 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 3.5 years in “chemistry”. 

Punishment of her husband is serving a sentence in Shklov, from 15.02, arranged to work, I and my two children were in a difficult situation (rental housing, low wages, a garden, ) and paid for the husband there for the maintenance, in March will not be possible in general, even on their payments are not enough money, to buy food for themselves and their husband, I have not enough salary, delivered from another fund for a week (the term leaves 16.03).

The first time Kulakov D.V. (my husband) was detained on August 9, he and his brother were going to work in Minsk, the arrest was made by the head of the traffic police of Shumilino (here we live since 2016), the reason for detention no one explained, my brother's car was confiscated for 10 days, my husband was also sent for 10 days, in the Protocol indicated Article 23. (A month earlier my husband had put up flyers of a political nature, and later I learned that it was for them he was imprisoned on 9 August, the main agitator of Shumilya, so they called him). The Shumilin police themselves could not get to him, because my husband was in Minsk at work, and we were in my parent’s home in Lepel, they involved the Lepel police to find him, so one police officer came before the election to my husband's father and said that my husband was organizing a race in Lepel, to which my father said that he had no rights and that Kulakov D.V. was at work in Minsk, and he could not do it in any way. My husband only found out about it when he got out. My husband wrote in a burst of anger in a telegram chat about this policeman — "he is a servant, and that he should wait for lustration, because a lynching would mean the end for him". For this phrase my husband received 3.5 years of chemistry, Article 369, Article 364, although two expert examinations have confirmed neither the threat nor the insult, only when the third one was made, it already showed everything for unknown reasons. My husband is always for justice, but now we do not appreciate it. At the moment he is in Shklov in an open-type institution, there was a protest from the prosecutor, he asked to change the regime to a penal colony, but they refused and left the sentence unchanged. I was sent to work only on February 15; I paid for his "dormitory"; my salary is enough for payments, gardening, utilities and an apartment. All the family I support myself on my salary, which this month I do not even have enough to pay all the fees.

What is the amount needed?

1000 byn — a budget for 3 months to support my husband, partial payment of utility bills, basic necessities for my husband and children (socks, underwear) to buy a bus ticket (my husband goes to work by bus back and forth, one-way travel).

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 385
The collection is over. Сollected: € 385