Help for the Klimowicz family, in which the father was subjected to reprisals

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I am a political prisoner who had to flee Belarus from repression. Now I am in Poland together with my family — my wife and three children.
At the moment I am here illegally, because the first country I applied for asylum was Lithuania. 

My wife and children went to Poland, that was our long-time plan. The kids graduated from a Polish school in RB, have certificates, and I have a Polish card. My wife and kids have humanitarian visas. I only have a passport and my visa expired this year. My wife cannot find a job for some reason. I work, but I cannot get an official job due to my situation, which forced me to find myself in a foreign country. For people in a situation like mine it is very difficult to settle down. We can't officially work, our children are hardly registered at educational institutions, we can't sell our real estate in Belarus either, because we are not allowed to check out (for me, for sure). 

I am currently awaiting refugee status, and it is unclear when I will obtain it. All this time, I do not earn money for living, I am just catching up… What to do? We pay 3500 zl. per month for housing + rent, and now I pay 715 zl. I earn 4000 to 5500 zl per month, and that is as luck would have it. I believe that soon everything will work out, but for now my family needs support. We would be very grateful to anyone who would express solidarity with us. 

How much is needed?

880€ — rent for a month.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 880
The collection is over. Сollected: € 880