Financial assistance to the Kievets family

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After the events of 2020, I was repeatedly convicted under Article 23.34 and 23.4. I used to work in a managerial position in the Ivanovo housing and utilities department, but my superiors did not appreciate the fact that I had my own opinion on the situation in the country.

After the liquidation of the “Tovarstvo Yelaruskay Mova”, I could not pass by. Because of this the director summoned me to his office and started to demand that I should quit. I refused. Then he openly started intimidating me that he would find a reason to fire me anyway. After six months they really fired me (I had to suffer a long time, their main problem was that they did not understand the essence of my work, I was at that time head of the laboratory of water supply and sanitation).

After I was fired, the director of housing and utilities continued to poke holes in the wheels. I wanted to get a job in a cab, (because I remembered that the director promised to do everything he could so that I did not get a job anywhere else in the specialty), but he went further. When he found out that they wanted to take me in a cab, he reported me to the investigating committee, and my failed boss in the cab called and threatened to not hire me. The boss agreed, and I was turned down. Officially I was never able to get a job.

In July 22 officers of Brest provincial police and riot policemen came to search me. They detained me and convicted me three times under Article 19.11 of the Code of Administrative Offences, and kept me in the TDF for 5 days. They confiscated my phone, took some photos, and promised they would come back for me. At the same time they interrogated me for about 5 hours. There was a danger of persecution (I could have kept photos of military equipment in my phone — I wrote in “Belaruski Hayun”, “Real Belarus” about the movement of military equipment, as we lived relatively close to the border). I understood that it was a criminal article. They threatened me that next time I would not stay in the Ivanovo IAB, but would go with them to Brest and get drunk.

The district police officer was instructed to call the TDF service to my house in order to confiscate the children and send them to various orphanages, so it would be difficult to visit them. So when they let me out of the TDF, the first thing I did was get visas.

After I received the visas, I bought a ticket for the first flight to Warsaw, packed three bags, took my children, and we escaped from Gulag “Belarus”. I ran away without my husband, because the last thing I heard before the TDF was “What are you up to?”, and when I came back, I remembered the bruises from my husband, because while I was in the TDF I did not think about him at all…

I can't work in Poland yet, because my youngest son couldn't find a place in kindergartens and I have to be with him. The middle one has suspicions of autism, so we constantly go to psychologists (they said it could be an aggravation of psychological traumas, as we didn't have such diagnoses in Belarus). The child has dysarthria and we have to work with a speech therapist. Now we are being examined for autism, which is also not cheap, as it takes a very long time for the NFD to diagnose him, and he needs help now. Payment for the apartment we have about 500 euros a month as with three children I did not want to rent a two room apartment, citing the laws of Poland.

I need help with the payment of the apartment, while I can not go to work, and pay for the examination of the child (psychiatrist, neurologist, MRI, EEG and other tests).

Already when I left, a criminal case was initiated against me…

How much is needed? 

€4100 the rent and examination of the child, so that we can get him the help he needs as soon as possible.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 3 181
The collection is over. Сollected: € 3 181