Financial assistance to Mikhail Kalishuk

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Mikhail Kalishuk is a defendant in a criminal case on the so-called mass riots in Brest.  Mikhail was detained by riot police on the evening of August 10, 2020, and was beaten so badly that his ribs and pelvic bones were broken. Mikhail was taken into custody and placed in the SIZO, where he remains to date.

Mikhail's humiliation has not stopped to this day. The guards beat him when they brought him to the court hearing on 28 April 2021. This is how Mikhail described these events in court: “They broke my eyebrow, hit me with a stun gun, and sprayed my face with pepper spray.

According to Darya, the political prisoner's wife, her daughter, though small, misses her father very much. She was born not long before his arrest.  Her first word was not mom, but dad. Daria brought her daughter to one of the court hearings so that Misha could look at her.

- I waited in the corridor, and when the session was over and they were taken out, I lifted Yeva up so that she could see her father and her father above all,” said Daria from Brest. — “I also miss Misha very much. I worry a lot. Especially now, after this beating. I'm constantly on edge. “I don't understand what is going on in the country, why are they sentenced to all these terms and why are they beaten?

Daria was left alone with a little girl in her arms. She has only a children's allowance, and her expenses are significant: her lawyer, her parcels.

It is in our power to support this family.

How much is needed?

3,000 euro — to pay for a lawyer, transfers and family support.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 527
The collection is over. Сollected: € 527