Supporting an activist who has been politically persecuted for 10 months

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For a year and a half I actively expressed my civic position. This manifested itself in organizing actions, helping protesters, going through administrative cases, detention terms in Okrestino, etc. In total, I was detained 8 times, 4 of which were in isolation wards and prisons. In total I was held in prison for 67 days. I was detained at marches, just walking on the street or attending rallies.

An unknown number of criminal cases (4+) were filed against me under Articles 367, 369, 342 and others. Criminal cases were filed for calling for actions, helping protesters in chains, marches (water, pizza, candy), for putting signs, for various actions, for getting into the media, for resisting, for desecration of the state flag (I did an action in my house — I took off the CP flag and hung up the BCB), etc. The result of all this: the resources are exhausted both financially and physically. The risk of detention is enormous. 

Because of the threat of long-term imprisonment, I lived in “hiding” for the last half+ years. During the entire time I could not work, there was a huge risk of detention.  Now I am in need of help with work, paperwork and living expenses while I am in another country. I am grateful in advance to everyone who will support me in this difficult time.

How much does Jod Vladislav need?

1000€ — to buy a laptop for work; to live during the first time in another country; to visit a dentist because of physical injuries caused by the security forces.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 172
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 172