With the help of the IRS pressure on the activist

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I would like to say right away: I understand perfectly well that due to the economic and political crisis in the country, many more compatriots have fallen into worse situations than me. (prison, death of loved ones, undermined health, layoffs, going abroad). I am not in the habit of asking for help, but because of my critical situation I am forced to take the extreme measure, appealing to you.

I try to participate in neighborhood and civic initiatives (landscaping, coordinating the efforts of neighbors, etc.). Last September, the first time I was caught and given 10 days in jail, the second time I was injured and ended up in the hospital. After that there were attempts to bring him to court, but he managed to avoid a summons to the police. There was a search.

Half a year passed and the tax authorities started “pulling” me. During an unscheduled inspection, the local tax office charged about 11,000 Belarusian rubles as income tax. The inspection was not carried out properly. 

Lawyers or lawyers refused to help, but said that the work of the tax inspectors was purposeful in view of the active expression of their civic position and activities in 2020. 

Tax inspectors began to be interested in the reason my expenses exceeded my income. They added up the debit and credit and came up with a discrepancy. This “discrepancy” was due to the fact that these amounts were used to purchase real estate. I tried to justify the fact that I had received the money that had been given to me by my immediate family. But the tax authorities ignored these facts. In other words, the inspection was carried out conditionally. 

I wanted to involve lawyers, attorneys. But the latter politely refused due to the “toxicity” of my story. Here I understand them myself, as it is quite easy to get a revocation of license nowadays. For about a month I tried to “fight” with tax authorities by correspondence, complaints, but they let me know that the decision was made at the top. The amount billed for payment was about 11,0000 Belarusian rubles. 
I could pay in installments in a month, but the tax office demands to pay everything at once and there is already a fine on this amount. I am registered as a sole proprietorship. I have an income, but not constant. I don't want to leave Belarus, because my parents are elderly, I am alone in the family and I hope, that I will be of more use for our common cause in the country. I consider my departure as a last resort.

How much is needed?

4250 € — Income tax payment including commission.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 158
The collection is over. Сollected: € 158