Helping the family of a political prisoner pay fines, state fees, and moral damages

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A political prisoner's family, consisting of a mother and a young child, needs help. My husband is an honest and decent man, he has always been for justice, and the events of 2020 did not leave him indifferent.

...One year ago he took his child to kindergarten for the last time. After that the husband was taken away and sentenced to nearly 7 years in prison for “inciting racial, national, religious or other social hatred or discord. They were obliged to pay moral damages to all the victims.

A year passed, the hardest year of our lives. It seemed that what could be more difficult? A year of being in limbo, being put in the SHU, constant questions from the child about where Daddy was.

Now the head of the family is serving his sentence in the penitentiary, at the same time the bailiff informed us about the fines and moral suits that we need to pay. If we don't pay, the bailiff promises to seize all the property. At the time of the arrest, all the equipment and money had already been taken from the house.

We would be very grateful to anyone who would help our family during this difficult time.

How much is needed?

1,550 € — help to pay for parcels to my husband in prison; to buy clothes for the baby; food.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 050
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 050